Showcase 2:  12:30 - 1:00

Talent Mobility:

Most employers lack a talent pipeline that is rich and deep enough to meet current business needs and navigate safely through an uncertain future. This isn’t a situation you can hire your way out of. PeopleFluent’s Talent Mobility software gives you the ability to identify, grow, and retain your top talent. Discover how to maximize overall workforce agility with an AI-driven talent marketplace. From identifying skills gaps to carving new career paths, our talent mobility solution helps you create unique employee experiences that drive engagement and retention, and prepares you for the future of work. Get ready to learn, understand, and apply some of the most sought after people processes --- the ones that make up what will soon become the way you manage talent inside of your organization:

  • Career Pathing
  • Internal Mobility
  • Projects Marketplace
  • Mentors Marketplace
  • Workforce Analytics

Showcase 3:  1:00 - 1:30

Compensation Planning:

PeopleFluent Compensation Planning software helps you take your strategy beyond numbers and budgets, attract and keep top performers, build your employer brand, sharpen your competitive edge, and just show your people they are truly valued. With compensation analytics, you'll solve compensation challenges for both your employees and your organization. See how to:

  • Evaluate comp-ratios across different departments, hiring groups, and more
  • Instantly compare compensation profiles when high performers are considering leaving
  • Discover actionable insights with compensation analytics to address the gender wage gap

Plus, with compensation analytics, you can ask more complex questions that generate fewer numbers and clearer answers. Here's how you can expect to make informed compensation decisions to attract and retain the right talent:

  • Visualize all of your compensation data in one place and discover trends that result in key business outcomes
  • Streamline compensation planning with actionable insights
  • Empower leaders to view current compensation costs and develop fair compensation strategies for their teams

Speaker Bios:

Akash Savdharia

Akash is an entrepreneurial technology executive with over 10 years of experience bringing SaaS products to market that solve impactful data-driven problems. Prior to joining PeopleFluent, Akash was the co-founder and CEO of Patheer, an AI-powered talent development & analytics platform to help companies grow and retain employees. At Patheer, he drove the company's vision, strategy, and products, which revolutionized the enterprise talent and career mobility space. In September 2020, Learning Technologies Group acquired Patheer to advance the PeopleFluent Talent Mobility solution. At PeopleFluent, Akash is the Vice President of Talent Solutions and drives the business vision, growth, and strategy for Patheer alongside the PeopleFluent talent products portfolio.  Prior to founding Patheer, he was a management consultant at Cognizant Technology Solutions, where he focused on business strategy consulting for multinational pharma and biotech organizations. He has a bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona with a triple major in Information Systems, Operations, and Management.

Zoe McCall,  Senior Solutions Consultant at PeopleFluent

Zoe is a Senior Solutions Consultant at PeopleFluent. She has over 9 years of experience working with Talent Management software, including roles in Professional Services and Presales. Zoe is based remotely in Jackson, Mississippi.
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